[LINK] NBN Summary of Business Case was Re: NBN Co to build wireless network from late 2011

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Thu Nov 25 11:29:45 AEDT 2010

Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> b. Backhaul is not more valuable than laying the local fibre.
> c. Telstra will not be NBN Co's only supplier of backhaul services.
> This needs to be accurately understood; I practically chew at the 
> scenery when I hear another TV news story saying "NBN Co is buying 
> Telstra's network".

What does "backhaul fibre" on page 28 mean?
> The reuse of suitable Telstra infrastructure, including pits, ducts, conduits,
> backhaul fibre and space in Telstra exchanges, by NBN Co as it starts to rollout
> its new network - avoiding unnecessary infrastructure duplication.

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