[LINK] NBN Summary of Business Case was Re: NBN Co to build wireless network from late 2011

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Thu Nov 25 20:39:30 AEDT 2010

$quoted_author = "Marghanita da Cruz" ;
> As I understand it the Backhaul is already competitive on 
> some links,

Yes there is.

> where there is demand...so,  will the NBN in effect become a 
> regulator?

No, the ACCC is not giving up it's role just yet!

Where two or more backhaul providers exist the ACCC let's the "free market"
have it's head. For everywhere else backhaul is declared to prevent the
monopolist provider from squeezing other RSPs out of the market, although
whether there is sufficient margin to make it worthwhile is another

The NBN POI discussion is about figuring out where RSPs will connect to the
NBN. A centralised POI model will strand a lot of backhaul capacity which
will have few customers other than NBN Co itself. A totally decentralised
POI model would force RSPs to purchase backhaul from monopoly providers.

Having read all the submissions to the ACCC discussion it seems a common and
sensible opinion that the POIs should be located where competitive backhaul
exists and therefore the NBN should only aggregate declared areas back to
the nearest POI.


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