[LINK] Java update available

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Fri Nov 26 14:16:19 AEDT 2010

Sure, Java is a worry, but obviously wise to have the latest version,
if one does run it, and there's a new version ... Version 6 Update 22.

Windows users can the check browser version here: (10 seconds)


For a manual download & systems other than Windows:


Java Manual Downloads for Operating Systems

* Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 Online 
  filesize: ~ 10 MB 
* Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 Offline 
  filesize: 15.3 MB  
* Solaris (32-bit) 
  filesize: 24.8 MB

* Solaris (64-bit)
  filesize: 10.6 MB

* Solaris x86 
  filesize: 18.9 MB 

* Solaris x64 
  filesize: 6.9 MB 

* Linux (self-extracting file) 
  filesize: 20.2 MB

* Linux x64
  filesize: 19.6 MB

* Linux x64 RPM
  filesize: 189.1 MB

* Apple (OS X)  Apple supplies their own version of Java. Use the
  Software Update feature (available on the Apple menu) to check that
  you have the most up-to-date version of Java for your Mac. 



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