[LINK] Europe to get new broadband satellite(s)

Jan Whitaker jwhit at janwhitaker.com
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A British communications company is set to launch a satellite today 
that will provide broadband communications to rural residents and 
businesses in Europe.
The HYLAS-1 satellite, which will provide broadband access to 
customers in Europe, launches today (Nov. 26).

The satellite, called HYLAS 1 (for highly adaptable satellite), is 
being launched by London-based Avanti Communications Group. According 
to Avanti, it is the first of its kind to lift of from outside the 
U.S. An Ariane 5 rocket will take the satellite to orbit from French Guyana.

  "This is a landmark day for the many consumers and businesses 
across Europe, who have been frustrated by lack of access to adequate 
broadband, it means that finally there is the opportunity to solve 
the digital divide. The launch of our satellite today means that 
access to broadband in remote areas is no longer on the distant 
horizon," said Avanti Chief Executive David Williams, in a statement.

The satellite will offer 10 Mbps speeds to some 350,000 customers. 
The British government has committed to providing everyone in the 
country an Internet connection of at least 2 Mbps, and the HYLAS 
satellite is part of that effort. [just 2? In a country so small?]

Avanti is also developing a second satellite, called HYLAS 2, which 
is to provide wireless broadband in the Middle East and Africa as 
well as Europe. HYLAS 2 is set to launch in 2012.
[I wonder if they contract out to the southern hemisphere. May save 
NBN Co. some bucks.]

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