[LINK] RFC: Submission re Online Privacy

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Tue Nov 30 18:28:20 AEDT 2010


I put this to the list as well as yourself, because I am finding it 
challenging to try and express!

In discussing geolocation, you rightly point out privacy concerns.

I would also remark that many mobile applications pass the location of 
the user "up the chain" without bothering to ask for consent - at least, 
I believe this to be so from my reading of the behaviour of this class 
of applications.

There is an interesting issue here: the carriers (via the Comms 
Alliance) have been unable to settle on a standard for the passing of 
location data across the network boundary, but an android application 
(or similar) will do so happily.

There seems to be a dichotemy here that I'm expressing poorly, but I 
think is important.


On 29/11/10 5:51 PM, Roger Clarke wrote:
> Thanks to the multiple linkers who assisted off-list today.
> I've drafted a supplementary submission to the Senate Online Privacy
> Inquiry, which I'm giving evidence to on Wednesday, on behalf of the
> APF.
> Much of the document is the kind of background waffle that has to go
> into these things.  So I'm sorry for the volume of bits in it.
> But if Link Institute members could scan for areas in which they have
> interest and expertise, they may be able to save the Senate from
> being mis-informed, and me from embarrassing the APF ...
> Thanks in advance!
> http://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/Sen-OLP-Sub2-101129.pdf
> URLs for papers and web-pages that may help the Committee to get into
> greater depth on particular topics would also be much appreciated.
> An important reason for doing a fair bit of work on this is that
> Greens Senator Scott Ludlum is on the Committee, and now that he's
> clear of the NBN Bill he may be able to focus some energy on it.

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