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Stilgherrian wrote:
>. Only the number of actual goals scored does that. Everything else is wankery for the armchair pundits.
> At this stage, what will decide who forms government is how the alliances will be formed between the MPs not members of the two major blocks. And all of them have said, repeatedly, that things like the nation 2PP figure will not be part of their calculus.

Ofcourse what is really powerful is the data for individual
seats and the virtual elimination of the 2parties believing
they will get a majority if they go to the polls again.

> House of Representatives  	Updated: 1/09/2010 9:45:41 AM

>  1 September 2010
> The Australian Greens and the Labor Party have signed an agreement to ensure stability for Labor in Government. The Greens will ensure supply and oppose any motion of no confidence in the Government from other parties or MPs.

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