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A good study showing why government intervention is needed for serious  


> Canada avoids broadband duopolies, keeps line-sharing alive
> By Matthew Lasar | Last updated September 1, 2010 8:49 AM
> Canada is staying with the community of nations that require their  
> big Internet service providers to share their networks with  
> competitive broadband companies. The country's Radio-television and  
> Telecommunications Commission has ruled that the nation's big telcos  
> must do so "at speeds that match those offered to their own retail  
> customers."
> "Requiring these companies to provide access to their networks will  
> lead to more opportunities for competition in retail Internet  
> services and better serve consumers," declared the CRTC's Chair  
> Konrad von Finckenstein.


> June, 2008: But once the decision is made, the incumbents drop their  
> access speeds for competitive ISPs. One of the competitors,  
> Cybersurf Corp., asks the CRTC to bring back speed-matching, which  
> it does for Asychronous DSL.


> But the decision comes with several caveats. First, the big telcos  
> will be able to charge these competitors a ten percent mark-up on  
> network costs.

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