[LINK] NSW Govt porn audit

Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Fri Sep 3 06:49:41 EST 2010

On 02/09/2010, at 7:57 PM, Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 16:10 +1000 2/9/10, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> The NSW Government porn audit has already claimed a minister, now Fred
>> Nile apparently has accessed porn 200,000 times.  Phew!
>> http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1342957/Fred-Nile-denies-viewing-porn
> Not that I particuarly wish to defend Fred Nile, but there's just a 
> teensy weensy bit more we need to know before we jump to conclusions. [snip]

It appears this is indeed the case. The Legislative Council has said that the report can't link anything specific at this stage. There are media reports of the report, such as these...



... but no-one seems to have published the statement by the President of the Legislative Council yet.

I'm chasing it and will post what I find as the day unfolds.


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