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Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 16:10 +1000 2/9/10, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> The NSW Government porn audit has already claimed a minister, now Fred
>> Nile apparently has accessed porn 200,000 times.  Phew!
>> http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1342957/Fred-Nile-denies-viewing-porn
> The conclusion reached was that "a heavy onus rests on the employer 
> [in this case, the voters of N.S.W.] to have gathered the appropriate 
> evidence, to have demonstrated by analysis that there is a strong 
> probability of misbehaviour by the Employee sufficient to warrant 
> dismissal, and to publish the evidence and analysis to the Employee 
> to enable it to be checked".

The NSW Minister resigned his portfolio not his seat. 
ministers agree to different rules to MPs....

 >     * Ministerial Handbook and Ministerial Code of Conduct

> Code of Conduct for Members and ICAC
> Note: This briefing paper outlines the background provisions of the Code of Conduct. It cannot comprehensively cover every aspect of the Code’s application, and Members seeking advice about particular matters should contact the Parliamentary Ethics Adviser or seek private legal advice.
> The New South Wales Legislative Assembly adopted a Code of Conduct for its members for the first time on 5 May 1998. (The same code applies to members of the New South Wales Legislative Council.) The resolution adopting the code of conduct for the current Parliament was passed by the Legislative Assembly on 8 May 2007 with an amendment being made to the Code in June 2007. The Code of Conduct that has been agreed to by both Houses is as follows:
>       Preamble to the Code of Conduct
>       The Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council have reached agreement on a Code of Conduct which is to apply to all Members of Parliament.
>       Members of Parliament recognise that they are in a unique position of being responsible to the electorate. The electorate has the right to dismiss them from office at regular elections.
>       Members of Parliament acknowledge their responsibility to maintain the public trust placed in them by performing their duties with honesty and integrity, respecting the law and the institution of Parliament, and using their influence to advance the common good of the people of New South Wales.
>       Members of Parliament acknowledge that their principal responsibility in serving as Member is to the people of New South Wales.

> M2009-03 Lobbyist Code of Conduct and Register
> Status: current
> The NSW Government is introducing a Lobbyist Code of Conduct and, in accordance with the Code, has established a register of professional lobbyists. The Code will take effect from 1 February 2009 and a copy is attached.
> All Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Ministerial staff, staff working for a Parliamentary Secretary, staff of public sector agencies and Government Members of Parliament and their staff must comply with the Code. 

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