[LINK] How visible are you, online?

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Stephen's original post hasn't appeared here yet but perhaps it was quoted
in full. (PS it arrived just as I was about to send this)

I work in this space and wish I had the time to baffle the audience with
mumbo jumbo. It makes fascinating reading to see her say:

" It's impossible to do all of this measurement though right? A total pipe
dream. An analytics package that would be impossible to implement? A fools
errand to try to connect so many platforms, so many third party tools, with
so many divergent goals?


This is a good example of marketing one's expertise as it is done in the US.
Blog heavily, speak at every possible conference, collect business cards,
charge like a wounded bull and have a good lifestyle when you can. I doubt
if any business large enough to need those social networks tracks their
social media activities like this or even uses more than Twitter and

It might be apt to point to a recent post of mine: "Does your social media
expert use social media?" http://bit.ly/aROJRI 


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> >For those who seriously want to monitor your online footprint, here's
> >an extensive list of tools, metrics and reasons for you to prioritise
> >and monitor your online presence ..
> >http://www.devonvsmith.com/2010/07/a-social-media-measurement-plan
> >A Social Media Measurement Plan
> >
> >51 tweets
> >
> >...  we've become obsessive about measuring this ...
> *We* have??
> Speaking as an ego-centric long-term vanity publisher who occasionally
> remembers to look at his web-site hit-count and his Google citation-count
> I have trouble believing that anyone is so extraordinarily self-obsessed
> they could actually be obsessed about such things.
> Or is this a spoof and hence I'm missing the point.
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