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> ... Michele passed away yesterday. ...

Michele Huston was one of the largely unacknowledged pioneers of the 
Internet to Australia. In the 1990s she worked at the ANU to connect 
schools in Canberra. As well as provide a service for education, this 
introduced many public servants, MPs and other decision makers in 
Canberra to the Internet through their children:

"The Australian Capital Territory Education Information Network (ACTEIN)
program is a local university initiative to introduce the Internet to
primary and secondary schools in the Australian Capital Territory. The
physical connectivity is based on low cost accessible technologies, and
most schools use IP dial-up as their access to the Internet. The
program's main direction is not the provision of Internet access itself,
but in attempting to address the issue of how the Internet can be put to
work in the classroom, consequently the ACTEIN Program has a strong
emphasis on technical and training support to accompany the Internet

From: "Introducing the Internet into Australian Schools, A Case Study:
The ACTEIN Program", Michele Huston, Outreach Officer, Centre for
Networked Information and Publishing, Australian National University,
presented at Internet Society INET'95:

Michele was awarded a BSc (hons) in Physics and Maths from The 
Australian National University in 1979.She worked as a Project Officer 
at the ANU, on projects such as the ANU's Institutional repository. She 
was Web Manager at the Australian War Memorial (while continuing to 
teach  Website Construction to the computer science students at ANU), 
before joining the National Library of Australia as Director of Web 
Publishing, a position she held until her death on 2 September 2010.

An slide show from Michele on her work at the NLA, with accompanying audio:

"Who are the people around me and what are they doing? This is not
usually a question that you'd expect a library catalogue to be able to
answer but users are coming to libraries with new skills and different
expectations. Skills that they have learned on sites such as Flickr,
eBay, Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon where you can interact with other
people who share your interests.

This presentation will explore a niche for libraries in a networked
world by drawing on examples from successful websites."

From: "Enhancing catalogues with user input", Michele Huston, Director
Web Publishing, National Library of Australia, for "Web 2.0 and its
potential for the library community", 27 November 2007, National Library
of Australia: Powerpoint:
audio <http://www.nla.gov.au/initiatives/meetings/huston.mp3>

Version with more links: 

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