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Gordon Keith wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Sep 2010 10:23:54 pm Scott Howard wrote:
>> That said, there are certainly parts of the US that have an
>>  over-fascination with trucks and/or large SUVs. 
> I remember hearing somewhere, don't remember the source or how reliable it is, 
> that in the US a light truck is considered a commercial vehicle and as such 
> attracts tax concessions that are not available for passenger vehichles 
> (cars).
> So a company that supplies employees with light trucks is engaging in a tax 
> deductible business expense, while a company that supplies employees with 
> passenger vehicles has the same expense without the tax deduction.
> If anyone knows if this is correct, please indicate.

Not sure about the US but here in Australia... I have heard 
4WDs have proliferated because of some tax loophole and tax 
payers certainly subsidise petrol consumption (greenhouse 
gas emissions)
> Rates per business kilometre 
> 1600cc (1.6 litre)
> or less
> 63 cents
> 2601cc (2.601 litre) and over
> 75 cents

then there is
> <Fringe benefits tax - rates and thresholds

> Fringe benefits tax - exempt car benefits

> Light motor vehicle weight tax
> One-off increase in motor vehicle weight tax for light vehicles
> From 9 August 2010, a one-off increase in the motor vehicle weight tax applies for light vehicles. There is provision for energy efficient vehicles to be exempt from this tax increase. Eligible carers and registered operators of vehicles modified for wheelchair transport may apply for a refund of the additional charge. See below for details.
> What is the change?
> On 21 February 2010, the Premier of NSW announced that a one-off increase in motor vehicle weight tax rates will apply for motor vehicles weighing between 976kg and 2504kg tare weight.
> Who is exempt from the one-off increase?
> Energy efficient motor vehicles that meet the certain criteria are exempt from the one-off increase. The criteria are that the vehicle is a manufacturer designated petrol-electric hybrid vehicle and has a rating of 4½ or 5 stars on the Commonwealth Government’s Green Vehicle Guide. Vehicles in this category will be automatically exempted from the additional charge at the time of renewal or establish of registration.

> However, whilst there have been these commendable reductions in road trauma in New South Wales over the past two decades, road crashes still cause more than 400 deaths and 25,000 injuries each year on our roads.  Apart from the suffering of victims and their loved ones, the financial cost to our community is around $3.7 billion each year.

> Injury Prevention Strategy

> Injury Management

 > The role of alcohol in injuries presenting to St 
Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Department and the associated 
short-term costs

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