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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Mon Sep 6 17:06:46 EST 2010

Stilgherrian wrote:
> On 06/09/2010, at 4:25 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>> Originally, I used to unwrap the pile of books left at my place before putting them in the recycling. Then I thought the message wouldn't get through so, I resorted to dumping the wrapped books, from my doorstep into the recycle bin.
> Sadly that means:
> 1. The paper recyclers have extra work to get the paper out of its plastic wrapper. Some councils will flag that as inappropriate use of the recycling bin.
> 2. There's no feedback mechanism that tells Sensis they have Done Wrong.

Well the alternative would be to put it into the landfill 
rubish bin.....and Telstra as a signatory to the packaging 
covenant should have got feedback...

 > The new Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) commenced on 
the 1st July 2010.
 > We encourage all signatories to the expired National 
Packaging Covenant (NPC) to continue to support the APC.
 > The APC will focus on improved packaging design, away 
from home recycling, litter reduction and increased 
engagement across the supply chain through product 
stewardship. An important element of the APC is the 
Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) which has been 
developed to assist signatories to review and optimise their 

> The Australian Packaging Covenant (‘Covenant’) is an agreement between companies in the
> supply chain and all levels of government to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer
> packaging. This will be achieved by:
>         designing packaging that is more resource efficient and more recyclable;
>         increasing the recovery and recycling of used packaging from households and away-
>         from-home sources; and
>         taking action to reduce the incidence and impacts of litter.
> While participation in the Covenant is voluntary, brand owners who choose not to become
> signatories or who fail to comply with the Covenant requirements will be regulated under the
> National Environmental Protection (Used Packaging Materials) Measure (NEPM) in each of
> the states and territories within which the company sells its products. The NEPM is enforced
> by the relevant regulatory authorities in each of the states and territories.

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