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David Lochrin wrote:
> Perhaps it would help if NBN Co. could run some program designed to explain the facts: why we need a fibre network, the limits of wireless, how the NBN is a wholesale network not a retail one,  and so on.
> A similar problem of explaining a complex matter to the general public arises with global warming, and I notice vested interests now seem to be adopting the line that it's just a matter of adaption.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to impart a good public understanding of such complex issues but very easy to undermine understanding, and lazy or unprofessional journalism certainly doesn't help.
For some reason, the NBNCo website is transmitting this
subliminal content (perhaps the web people thought they had
temporarily removed it, in response to post deals with

Building Broadband For All Australians<
*Connect 93% of all Australian premises with fibre-based
services and
*7% with next generation wireless and satellite
technologies, subject to final design
*Directly support  many thousands of local jobs over eight
*Provide <b>equal, wholesale access</b> to retailers
enabling them to deliver <span class="highlight">advanced
digital services</span> to the nation.
>  FAQs
> NBN Co has posted frequently asked questions on its website in relation to jobs and the first release sites. Consistent with this past practice, the following are a series of frequently asked questions in relation to current operations, network plans and proposed services.
>     * How is NBN Co operating in the post election period?

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