[LINK] [BREAKING] We have a government at last!

Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Wed Sep 8 16:37:42 EST 2010

On 07/09/2010, at 7:22 PM, Philip Argy wrote:
> Well, actually, we finalised who the next government is NOT going to be.
> The incumbent Prime Minister will simply continue, having satisfied the G-G
> that she can command the support of the majority of the H of Reps.  A new
> Ministry will be sworn in but those not changing portfolios technically
> don't need to be re-sworn as Ministers don't lose their commission when
> Parliament is prorogued.  They may also need to be resworn if the name of
> their portfolio changes or they have a changed role.

It is reassuring that pedantry is not an isolated incident. :)


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