[LINK] [BREAKING] We have a government at last!

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Thu Sep 9 09:14:44 EST 2010

On 2010/Sep/09, at 8:52 AM, Stilgherrian wrote:

> On 09/09/2010, at 8:48 AM, Webb, KerryA wrote:
>>> It is reassuring that pedantry is not an isolated incident. :)
>> Not sure if a concept can be an isolated incident ...

There can be an outbreak of pedantry though.  As happened here.  Not  
uncommon on link.  Most of us can just ignore it though.  There is  
after all no end to pedantry.

> Which of course proves my point.
> Stil

Just BTW: Why am I not seeing all of this conversation?  I seem to be  
seeing only parts of it.

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