[LINK] leaked treaty, no policing role for ISPs in copyright breaches

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At 12:51 +0930 9/9/10, Steven Clark wrote:
[Lots of good stuff, but ...]
>Copyright is a personal ***property*** right, much like owning a car 
>or a set of keys. ....

Copyight-owning corporations have very tried hard to get the 'IP' 
notion accepted, in order to achieve a false parallel with real 
estate and chattel laws.  (That's the genesis of the abuse of the 
word 'theft').

Their attempt should always be denied.  We should never sucker for 
the 'property' notion.  Copyright is a bundle of specific rights (sui 
generis), not a property right.

[Lots more good stuff, including on closely-related points.]

[Declaration:  I support **an appropriate form of** copyright law, 
which balances the interests of producers, consumers and society as a 

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