[LINK] Data Protection in Japan, Talk, Sydney, 15 September 2010

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
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Professor Andrew Adams <http://www.a-cubed.info/>, from the Centre for 
Business Information Ethics, Meiji University will be speaking  on 
"Information privacy & data protection in Japan" at the Cyberspace Law 
and Policy Centre, Teaching room 101, UNSW Faculty of Law building, 
Sydney, 1 pm, 15 September 2010: <http://www.bakercyberlawcentre.org/>.

At Australian National University on Monday, Andrew asserted that it was
a myth that Japan does not have a concept of privacy similar to western

This work is reported in paper "The Development of Japanese Data 

In 2003, Japan enacted its first private-sector data protection 
legislation, complementing the concurrent update of the public-sector 
regulations. The publicly stated goal of the Japanese government was to 
support trade with Europe by providing suitably strong protection to 
qualify for European data-export approval. In this paper we examine the 
internal social and political pressures that led to the adoption of 
apparently strong private-sector data protection, despite prior long
resistance to such a move. The pressures we have identified include 
direct and indirect effects of Japanese economic difficulties since the 
early 1990s, media pressure to update public-sector rules because of the 
introduction of Juki Net, and similar media pressure to apply similar 
rules to the private sector. We also examine the role that the 
technology of kanji input systems played on the lack of urgency in
demands for private-sector data protection until 2000.

Keywords: privacy, data protection, Japan

From:The Development of Japanese Data Protection,  Andrew A. Adams, 
Meiji University, Kiyoshi Murata, Meiji University, Yohko Orito, Ehime 
University, Policy & Internet, Vol. 2: Iss. 2, Article 5, 2010 

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