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[I wonder how this approach measures up against the expectations of 
the copyright-and-corporate-welfare-dependent mega-corps.

[It's a kind of opt-out applied to copyright infringement.

[Oh, and CMS now means Content and/or Copyright Management System ...

[(I tripped over the site while looking up one of my own papers - a 
copy of which is up there, in probable breach of the copyright 
licensing terms;  but I have better things to do with my time, so I 
haven't checked).


Copyright Management System

Scribd thrives on the diverse contributions of its community, who 
share everything from short stories and recipes to original music 
We make it very clear, however, that we do not want unauthorized 
works on our site. To help prevent the upload of unauthorized works 
onto Scribd, we have created the Scribd Copyright Management System 
(CMS), a technology and set of best practices. Scribd CMS is the 
best-if not the only-integrated system of technology and policies of 
its kind and goes beyond the requirements set forth by U.S., UK and 
EU law.

Here's how it works:

*   All uploads checked: Every document uploaded to Scribd is 
compared to the CMS database. If someone tries to upload a document 
that our system identifies as one of the tens of thousands of works 
in our CMS database (with more added daily), that document is 
automatically removed from Scribd.

*   How we populate the database:

*   Automated past protection: Each time Scribd receives a 
DMCA-compliant takedown request from a copyright holder, we quickly 
remove the unauthorized document and add a unique reference file 
corresponding to that document to our copyright database, deleting 
previously-uploaded copies of the same work identified by the system.

*   Automated future protection: We also urge authors and publishers 
to proactively add the text of their work to the Scribd CMS. Click 
here to upload your original works to the copyright management system.

*   Swift action for policy offenders: On every document upload page, 
there is a prominent warning message and mandatory check box 
displayed to help ensure that people understand and comply with 
Scribd's Terms of Service. Repeat copyright infringers are banned 
from Scribd.

*   Alliance of websites: Our goal is to help extend the same 
protections copyright holders have on Scribd across a number of 
different sites. With that in mind, Scribd is prepared to share its 
copyright-management technology with other document-sharing websites 
that are interested in preventing uploads of unauthorized material.

More to come, stay tuned!

While the technology is not yet perfect, we are constantly working to 
improve it. As our reference database grows larger over time, our 
system is becoming noticeably smarter and faster. We will continue to 
build features and best practices that give copyright holders more 
choice and control over how their works appear, if at all, on Scribd.

Quick Links
*   Submit a DMCA takedown request
*   File a DMCA counter-notice
*   Add your document(s) to Scribd's CMS

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