[LINK] Ars: 'Musopen raises $40, 000 to set classical music "free"'

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Tue Sep 14 16:25:29 EST 2010

On 2010/Sep/14, at 11:54 AM, Roger Clarke wrote:
> ['Setting music free' is an attractive catch-phrase, because it's
> short.  But it's misleading.
> [Copyright in the sheet-music in question has already expired.  But
> copyright automatically subsists in performances and recordings of it.
> [Where copyright applies to a work, the 'public domain' notion is
> problematical, and best avoided.  (Aaron Funn should read the
> literature surrounding Creative Commons, and FSF for that matter).
> [What Aaron's really doing (which is a great idea) is using donations
> to pay for recordings of performances, and then making them available
> under a liberal copyright licence.]

I'm not sure.  I looked for CC style attributes on the site, but not  
exhaustively, and didn't find any but it does mention "public domain"  
and it is clear that they understand what the term means.  I believe  
it is possible for a copyright owner to donate works to the "public  


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