[LINK] Ars: 'Musopen raises $40, 000 to set classical music "free"'

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> Kim, I'll grant you that my comments don't apply to a country that 
> still requires registration.  I don't think that includes any of the 
> major countries, but if it's still 20, it's quite a few.
> But as I read the Wikipedia entry, it supports the point I'm making:
> >https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Anti-copyright_notice
> >>  ... under the Berne
> >>  Convention in international copyright law, works are 
> protected even  
> >> if no copyright statement is attached to them. ...  It is 
> possible to 
> >> **denounce** all claims to copyright in  a work including moral 
> >> rights in a written disclaimer.
> It's possible that the word intended was 'renounce' (= repudiate), in 
> which case I agree that the Wikipedia entry would be saying the 
> opposite of what I said.
> My memory was that Richard Stallman argued that copyleft has to 
> utilise copyright law against itself, in part because there was no 
> effective way in which copyright in code could be firmly and 
> unequivocally placed in the public domain.
> There are several copyright law and policy people around.  Perhaps 
> someone can elucidate for us - and perhaps come up with some 
> authorities even better than Wikipedia  (:-)}

Richard will be in Australia in October...
Sydney on the 11th of Oct.

Those that know about the Big Picture Seminar Series should wangle an


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