[LINK] The NBN battle continues

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Thu Sep 16 08:39:50 EST 2010

Turnbull does a good job.


> Turnbull's demolition job on broadband could be coalition's climate  
> change wrecking ball

> Malcolm Turnbull has laid out clearly why the Federal Government  
> needs to do more to show that its planned $43 billion National  
> Broadband Network is not a waste of taxpayer funds.
> Back in the saddle as a senior Opposition frontbencher for the first  
> time in nine months, Turnbull lost no time in carrying out the  
> riding instructions of his leader Tony Abbott - to ''demolish''  
> Labor's political and policy case for the NBN.
> But there is just one problem for Abbott.
> The Turnbull critique about taxpayer funds needing to be spent in  
> the most cost-effective and economically efficient way applies just  
> as forcefully to the Opposition's stance on climate change as it  
> does to Labor's NBN.
> If it is wasteful for Labor to subsidise the NBN without a cost- 
> benefit analysis, then it is also wasteful for the Coalition to seek  
> to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases through subsidies - rather  
> than a market mechanism like a carbon tax or an emissions trading  
> scheme.

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