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Apple on Wednesday released the first external betas of iOS 4.2 which 
will debut AirPrint wireless printing via a shared printer for iOS 
devices, (eg iPhone, iPod & iPad)  while also delivering long-awaited 
features for the iPad, including multi-tasking, folders & threaded mail.


How Context-Aware Computing Will Make Gadgets Smarter

By Priya Ganapati at Wired.com  Wed Sep 15, 2010

Small always-on handheld devices equipped with low-power sensors could 
signal a new class of "context-aware" gadgets that are more like personal 

Such devices would anticipate your moods, be aware of your feelings and 
make suggestions based on them, says Intel.

"Context-aware computing is poised to change how we interact with our 
devices," Justin Rattner, CTO of Intel told attendees at the company’s 
developer conference. "Future devices will learn about you, your day, 
where you are, where you are going, to know what you want," he added.



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