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Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> People are aware that the NBN could be used to serve mobile base 
> stations; but there's not much analysis of the income that might generate.

It's the value of the Spectrum Auctions/Licenses. However,
with a population of around just $20million we cannot
expect the same returns....but we could extrapolate -

$1Billion * 20 milion people in australia /1billion people
in india . Tthis would have to be corrected for the 6.5million
of the 20million people in Australia are in NSW.
> Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc's (QCOM.O) $1-billion purchase of wireless airwaves in India would seem an odd investment for a company that makes chips for wireless devices.

Noting German population is 82,110,097
> The Juniper Research Blog
> German Spectrum auction- pricing not excessive
> by Anthony Cox on May 24th, 2010
> As the German spectrum auctions drew to a close on May 20, several factors may have reduced the amount that bidders were willing to put forward for the spectrum in the 800MHz frequency band, even though recent pressure on operators data networks means that operators may eventually need as much spectrum as they can get.
> Though the German government achieved €4.38bn ($5.5bn) for the frequencies, some forecasts were coming in at twice that amount. No new players decided to join the market, which could have hiked prices, while stringent roll out requirements to create rural broadband coverage may have put some bidders off.

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