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On 18/09/2010, at 5:57 PM, Kim Holburn wrote:
> As I understand it the NBN is mainly about fibre from the exchange to  
> the house.  The fibre connecting the nodes and exchanges is already in  
> place.

Primarily, yes. NBN fibre is a customer access network 'tween exchange and premises to replace the existing copper CAN. However part of the project is also to add "competing backhaul" in areas where Telstra is / has been the only provider.

I strongly recommend people download some of the presentations from the NBN Co website, they're being quite clear about what they're doing technically.

The Coalition's policy includes similar competitive backhaul. The difference is that under Labor's NBN that extra backhaul belongs to NBN Co, i.e. the public, and will eventually be sold. The Coalition's plan is to subsidise commercial providers to install backhaul which otherwise might not be competitive, i.e. they give money to private companies.


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