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Mon Sep 20 08:18:22 EST 2010

  On 20/09/10 8:02 AM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Richard Chirgwin wrote:
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>> People are aware that the NBN could be used to serve mobile base 
>> stations; but there's not much analysis of the income that might 
>> generate.
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> It's the value of the Spectrum Auctions/Licenses. However,
> with a population of around just $20million we cannot
> expect the same returns....but we could extrapolate -

No, I'm not looking at the spectrum licenses, I'm looking at the value 
of wholesale backhaul between mobile base station locations (as *one* 
example of backhaul opportunities available to NBN Co).

This is a separate question from the value of the spectrum.

> $1Billion * 20 milion people in australia /1billion people
> in india . Tthis would have to be corrected for the 6.5million
> of the 20million people in Australia are in NSW.
>> Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc's (QCOM.O) $1-billion purchase of wireless 
>> airwaves in India would seem an odd investment for a company that 
>> makes chips for wireless devices.
> <http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE65E4EB20100615>
> Noting German population is 82,110,097
>> The Juniper Research Blog
>> German Spectrum auction- pricing not excessive
>> by Anthony Cox on May 24th, 2010
>> As the German spectrum auctions drew to a close on May 20, several 
>> factors may have reduced the amount that bidders were willing to put 
>> forward for the spectrum in the 800MHz frequency band, even though 
>> recent pressure on operators data networks means that operators may 
>> eventually need as much spectrum as they can get.
> ...
>> Though the German government achieved €4.38bn ($5.5bn) for the 
>> frequencies, some forecasts were coming in at twice that amount. No 
>> new players decided to join the market, which could have hiked 
>> prices, while stringent roll out requirements to create rural 
>> broadband coverage may have put some bidders off.
> <http://www.juniperresearch.com/analyst-xpress-blog/2010/05/24/german-spectrum-auction-pricing-not-excessive/> 
> Marghanita

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