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On 21/09/2010, at 3:45 PM, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> There is, now that I think of it, another reasoning behind the Magic 
> Wireless Fairy promotional cant: one subscription per user. Wireless 
> isn't just more expensive (per byte) than fixed; it also has a larger 
> total available market than fixed. That's definitely a good reason to 
> keep up the lobbying pressure to drop the NBN.

This only makes sense in the mobile wireless broadband market rather than fixed wireless. Fixed wireless wuld still be per-household.


Moving to mobile wireless on an account-per-human basis, or an account-per-device, also means that you're able to track individual usage much more easily because each IP address is associated with an individual human's device with less doubt than when they're on Wi-Fi sharing the home's fibre link.

Of course that leads to certain paranoid conclusions about people's motivations...


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