[LINK] Benefits of a digital economy enabled by the National Broadband Network

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At 10:01 AM 22/09/2010, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>The $43billion has to come from somewhere:\
>*private investors
>Those in favour of the NBN could deman that their super fund

They probably already will be if there are bonds issued to pay for 
it. I'm surprised their isn't more talk about bond financing. 
Costello killed the bond market here, IIRC. I don't get it. Why have 
a AAA credit rating if you're not going to use it? Why not let the 
public invest in public infrastructure? Is this not part of the 
Australian way? I grew up with 'savings bonds' in the US in the 50s 
to pay for all sorts of things. They were guaranteed and paid a 
decent rate. It was a good way to introduce saving to kids.


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