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On 22/09/2010, at 4:19 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Education seems to be the most compelling argument for 
> ubiquitous high speed access to the Internet and I would 
> suggest such access for every government school/tafe/library 
> building in the country should be a priority. These 
> facilities should then be available for University study as 
> well. The articulation beyond that can be done once this has 
> been achieved.

It isn't "ubiquitous" if you have to herd people to a special place -- "school", "TAFE" etc -- to have it.

I think the idea is that you move the information between the people using the internets, not move the heavy-and-getting-heavier people to the information.

People talk about the terrible, terrible cost of the NBN as a few thousand per household over eight years. You don't need to save too many car trips per month to recoup that, even if you factor in people's time at a minimal rate.


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