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Rachel Polanskis wrote:
> The NBN needs to get out to sectors like here in Penrith, where you have a uni and a hospital in close proximity to each other, that are already providing complementary srrvices to one another.  Likewise Campbelltown where you have new medical school and hospital.
> We used to provide dial in access and web space to various qangos in the area until Alston knocked it on the head and it was a very unhappy day when I had to decommission and advise members of their loss of access.   I think that was a retrograde step that meant the reinvention in many cases of their sites and in some cases their demise.  Having NBN feeds into locations where there are concentrations of data hungry networks and local people who work in the 
> area should be a premium, ahead of many other sites.
> rachel

I would have expected that areas such as you describe
(with hospital and university), would  be serviced in
response to existing demand.

The problem with trying to spread these too thin or locate
them in remote areas, is that it is difficult to attract the 
necessary to staff them.

Having said that, on a recent visit to the Western
Sydney Records Centre at Kingswood, I was surprised to
find myself driving around a loop in a very Canberra like
suburb, adjoing the  sprawling University Campus.

I would still suggest that delivering backhaul (if that is
the problem) with wireless capiliaries would be a useful start.

The reason, I excluded the medical side of the NBN is that,
if the choice is between a local doctor, nurse/maternity
ward and the NBN , I would expect people would not choose
the NBN.

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>> stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>>>> The viewpoint is very much that of the investment banker: the money
>>>> should have been invested elsewhere for the better short-term gain.
>>> Short term views! Apparently being a commie-pinko, one hopes all Aussie
>>> kids share learning experiences, both as audience & future participants
>>> in medium and long term gains made by these Aussie school kids recently.
>>> Re skills, research shows kids now turn to youtube before wikipedia etc.
>>> Posted yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iDJGZgTjXI
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>> Education seems to be the most compelling argument for 
>> ubiquitous high speed access to the Internet and I would 
>> suggest such access for every government school/tafe/library 
>> building in the country should be a priority. These 
>> facilities should then be available for University study as 
>> well. The articulation beyond that can be done once this has 
>> been achieved.
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