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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
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Greetings from the last day of the World Computer Congress 2010 in 
Brisbane. Professor SV Raghavan just gave a keynote address on "National 
Knowledge Network of India: An Instrument of Social Change".

Professor Raghavan explained that while the world has a view of India as 
a high technology nation, that technology is concentrated in relatively 
few urban areas. Most of India is in villages in rural areas. There is a 
stronger regional government, than in countries such as Australia.

At question time Professor Raghavan mentioned he had discussed with the 
now Australian Prime Minister a project of a 10 Gbit connection between 
India and Australia being worked on by QUT. Professor Raghavan envisions 
this communications link being used for joint teaching of university 
student between India and Australian institutions, as well as for 
research collaboration (Australia and India signed an agreement on 
education in April).

Given that the ongoing existence of the current Australian government 
depends on justifying the National Broadband Network, it will be 
interesting to see if the Minister for Broadband takes up this idea of 
broadband for education as an export industry to Asia, in his closing 
speech to WCC2010 at 4:45pm today.

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