[LINK] ipv6 progress report

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Fri Sep 24 01:38:12 EST 2010

Quoting stephen at melbpc.org.au on Thursday September 23, 2010:
| So, .au last on this AAAA list, well behind Angola, Kiribati and Tunisia
|  http://bgp.he.net/ipv6-progress-report.cgi
| Well done us ..

This should have failed the sniff test when it claimed a grand total of
20 domains exist within .au versus 13 million in .de.

The list is ordered by the number of second-level domains within each
TLD. Australia is at the bottom because all its registrations are in
the third level. i.e. It is counting com.au, edu.au as the sum of all
.au domains, not google.com.au, anu.edu.au, etc. 

It has nothing to do with IPv6 penetration why Australia is last.

So, yay?


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