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stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> George writes,
>> I've just filmed an interview with a key researcher at UNE discussing
>> what they've achieved with the DET network and what might be possible
>> with the NBN. He specifically said the NBN would also allow interaction
>> with Catholic and independent schools ..

While the Catholic schools are probably quite close to the
government schools (they are in Annandale), a problem will
arise when the non-catholic non-independent schools are
remote, home schooling or on large campuses. To what
degree is the tax payer to foot the bill?

While students attending School of the Air probably still
have to rely on satellite:
> The following materials are provided as a resource for families Educators alike. Please feel free to use them as is or modify to suit your individual needs.
> ...

> And for students, sophisticated management .. eg students can keep their 
> IPv6 static addresses after leaving school .. 


Perhaps school kids can use the IPv6 static address and
mobile phone number they are assigned at Birth.  I am
guessing, addresses would need to be reassigned at
Death.What would be an appropriate time lapse - so that the
two identities are not confused.

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