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George Bray georgebray at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 15:49:15 EST 2010

Commsday now has a free PDF publication with many thoughtful articles
on the people and politics of the NBN. Link's very own Richard
Chirgwin identifies the problem of misinformation when discussing
technical issues by people "Always online but not always right".


Commsday OCT NOV 2010

In the debut issue:

Are NBNs too much of a good thing?  By Grahame Lynch + Why the NBN’s
payoff will be slow  By Dave Burstein

What now for NZ’s UFB plan? By Bill Bennett
Australia’s high speed broadband election By Petroc Wilton
Equinix CTO Lane Patterson  By Tony Chan

The Internet’s date with destiny By Geoff Long
How RIM is fighting back on the Blackberry bans By Miro Sandev
Why the US campaign against Huawei is unfair  By Bob Fonow
Behind LightSquared’s wholesale LTE carrier model By Tony Chan

A new periodical By Grahame Lynch
Why reverse auctions are good for broadband By Dave Burstein
The strange case of perishable fibre  By Richard Chirgwin
The importance of customer service By Christophe Bur
Death by telephone  By William van Hefner

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