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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
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Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/24/moms_of_merrick/
>> The American town of Hampshire, Long Island, has decreed that phone 
>> masts can't be placed within 1500 feet of children, making coverage 
>> nearly impossible.
>> The restrictions specify a 1500-foot exclusion zone around homes, 
>> day-care centres, schools and churches - all the kinds of places where 
>> one might want mobile phone coverage. It is claimed that the rules are 
>> needed to preserve property values in the region, in order to get 
>> round the federal restriction on making allowances based on fanciful 
>> health scares.
> Now, what was that about wireless being the thing that makes the NBN 
> unnecessary? Leaving aside any other debate or complaint, I would 
> estimate the chance of getting people to accept huge numbers of 4G 
> towers to deliver coverage would be approximately zero ...
Does this mean mobile phones won't work in schools and 
pre-schools -
can't see that being popular - parents dropping of and 
collecting their
kids in 4WD will get even more tetchy.

Maybe someone has actually undertaken a health study in
Sydney, where there are a large number of phone towers. I
suspect the biggest threat wireless poses to human health,
is the use of mobile devices whilst driving. However, for my
part, I prefer not to wear my mobile phone.

Note, there are also ongoing objections to overhead cables.
Around Glebe, Energy Australia appear to burying their cables.

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