[LINK] Conroy Refutes Turnbull's Claims

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Noting the Minister's reference to the Snowy Mountains 
Scheme, this old video may be of interest:
> Snowy Hydro – The Snowy Mountains Scheme 1952
> Interesting as an early document on the Snowy Hydro scheme, it’s an unabashed celebration of the entire endeavour, depicting it as a model of postwar reconstruction.

George Bray wrote:
> Turnbull's dodgy NBN connections
> Stephen Conroy
> Published 12:50 PM, 27 Sep 2010
> The following article is a response from Minister for Broadband,
> Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy to Business
> Spectator's debate about the economics of the national broadband
> network between Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull,
> Editor in Chief Alan Kohler and Associate Editor Stephen
> Bartholomeusz.
> <http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/NBN-broadband-Turnbull-Conroy-internet-wireless-pd20100927-9P4Y4>

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