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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Tue Sep 28 18:59:02 EST 2010

At 5:15 -0300 28/9/10, Fernando Cassia wrote:
>For me the most important thing about Cloud Computing (or FogComputing) is
>that it takes away ANY RIGHTS the end user might have had. Basically the
>right to choose what version you run of a given application, and what you do
>with it.
>Take Google Docs for instance. They add features, move things around, add
>features, without asking you. ...

They make the presumptions that:
-   all users want it
     OR whether users want it or not is irrelevant (ASP spells GOD)
&   it works

I've been astounded at the instability of Google News searches.

A while back, I plugged in a couple of links to the home-page at 
http://www.privacy.org.au/, so visitors could see media mentions of 
the APF.

The one for 'Past Month' seems to have settled at last, and makes sense now:


(1)  the results for '2010' have been all over the place:

(2)  There's none for '2009' even listed

(3)  Depending on how you go about interpolating, it seems like either 24:
or 6 (2009-10 minus 2010):

(My memory is that it was between 40 and 50 as at late 2009).

Frankly, I doubt Google's competence at running operations.  They get 
whizz-kids to prototype something, release it as beta (= alpha), then 

(One of my lines for annoying people at conferences is 'will Google 
some day challenge MS as the corporation that's initiated the largest 
number of failed business lines?').

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