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Dell pitches open system in data center offering

(Dell: "a most important initiative in a strategic sense.")

SAN FRANCISCO | Wed Sep 29, 2010 

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Dell is unveiling new software to tie together 
disparate pieces of data center hardware, making a pitch for an open 
system that runs counter to what some of its rivals are doing.

Dell's updated Virtual Integrated System, which it announced on 
Wednesday, offers business customers software that can manage servers, 
storage and networking from other vendors, not just Dell.

The company said VIS provides customers the ability to fuse older and 
newer technologies, extending the life of older hardware as companies use 
newer technology.

IT management is not one of Dell's traditional businesses areas, but the 
company wants to increase its presence in the competitive data center 

The company's approach is different from that taken by companies like 
Oracle Corp, which are pushing single-vendor options.

Oracle last week unveiled Exalogic, a new hardware and software product 
that combines server, storage, and networking.

Dell said it hopes to set itself apart from companies like Oracle and 
Cisco Systems Inc by enabling choice and flexibility.

"They tend to enable their own proprietary technologies in their own 
proprietary clouds. We are taking a very different approach," said Steve 
Schuckenbrock, who runs Dell's large enterprise business.

Schuckenbrock said the VIS announcement was not one of the bigger product 
launches of the year in terms of size, but was one of its most important 
in a strategic sense.

Personal computer sales make up the bulk of Dell's revenue base, and the 
company has been trying to diversify its business by boosting sales of 
higher-margin products such as software.

Shares of Round Rock, Texas-based Dell rose 2 percent to $12.95 in 
afternoon trading on the Nasdaq. (Reporting by Gabriel Madway. Editing by 
Robert MacMillan)



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