[LINK] Securing Apple's walled garden...

Birch, Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Wed Feb 2 16:34:36 AEDT 2011

... for Apple, of course:

Apple is cracking down on applications that provide access to paid
content, rejecting anything that looks as though it's trying to bypass
handing over 30 per cent to Cupertino.

Apple gets a 30 per cent cut of anything purchased on the iPhone, or
iPad, but iOS applications such as Amazon's Kindle reader and some
newspaper clients provide access to content that was paid for elsewhere:
something that Apple is apparently no longer going to tolerate.

Sony is one of those affected, the New York Times reports, having had
its Sony Reader software rejected by Apple on the basis that customers
can buy a book on one device and view it on another. Apple has no
argument with that concept, as long as both devices are running iOS and
under the complete control of Messrs Jobs & Co, but if you buy a book on
a desktop computer and then read it on your iPhone then Apple won't get
its pound of flesh - and that's not acceptable...

Full Reg article:

- Jim


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