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At 05:11 PM 2/02/2011, Birch, Jim wrote:
>The station staff were evacuated yesterday according to a Wikipedia 
>edit a few minutes ago.

Yeah, they announced that on 7 when the centre went offline.

I've been watching the US weather, too. My friends in Colorado are 
experiencing -33C windchill temps. Last night they had -23C when we 
had +23C. Bizarre symmetry. The rest of the country is having major 
ice, snow and cold, with potential tornadoes in the warmer southern 
states. I know the doubters don't want to hear this, but climate 
change has a lot to answer for. The predictions weren't just about 
temperature change, but was about extreme weather events. So even if 
we had a disaster fund via a levy, it may never be enough now. Let's 
hope I'm wrong.

Good luck to all the Qld linkers. We're thinking of you.


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