[LINK] Vodafone: the government made us do it

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Fri Feb 4 20:46:58 AEDT 2011

On 4/02/2011 7:56 PM, Kim Holburn wrote:
> What's the difference between this and Paypal, Visa and Mastercard blacklisting wikileaks?
>  The US government leads the way again.
> ...
> Phone companies have to obey the law don't they?  Just like credit card companies.
Sounds to me like a variant of the "good soldier" defence.

Because a government orders it doesn't make it right.
Because a law compels it doesn't make it right.
Because disobedience may be punished by death doesn't make it right.

It's easy for me, sitting here safe and secure, but all Vodaphone had to 
lose was money. Given what's a stake for the Egyptian people, is 
Vodaphone's behaviour excusable?

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