[LINK] NextG Wireless Stays Up As NBN Fibre Broadband Crashes

linda rouse linda at databasics.com.au
Mon Feb 7 15:43:35 AEDT 2011

Hi Linkers

I'm based in Smithfield Cairns and I have nothing but praise for ABC 
local radio who managed to stay up the entire time of what was truly a 
terrifying experience even in Cairns, which missed the worst of Yasi.

They broadcast continually and gave out the different frequency numbers 
as they moved from studio to studio - taking calls from everywhere along 
the way. The call-in numbers also kept changing as they changed 
locations - very interesting actually as we were not sure half the 
timewhere they were broadcasting from! . We had to swap from the FM 
network to AM on Thursday midday as the storms set in.

We lost all power on the wed night at about 10.00 but others went down 
sooner and others like Palm Cove.did not lose power at all.

We managed to get BOM maps and check on the tracker all the way through 
until we lost phones on thruday. We were warned that G3 network was 
unstable and that phone network was running on batteries but we managed 
to stay online via laptop well into Thursday.

All phones and power was back up late Friday though we did lose the home 
phoneline in the lightning strike on Thursday, which is still out.

All told, an exemplary effort by ABC, Ergon and Telstra. Cant speak for 
the poor people further south.... what a nightmare. But a cat 5 cyclone 
the size of Katrina and 30,000+ people evacuated (including 3 hospitals) 
is a difficult scenario to manage. We did well to have only 1 casualty.


On 7/02/11 10:57 AM, Birch, Jim wrote:
> Kim Holburn wrote:
>> The window, the tape, the trees waving around like they were in a
> storm - perfect news TV.  The point is that we need to fix the technical
> problem.
> Or not.  The crappy signal quality adds really-there authenticity to the
> report. :)
> - Jim
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