[LINK] Mobile phone use set to be banned in vehicles

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Mon Feb 7 16:17:36 AEDT 2011

On 2011/Feb/07, at 12:34 PM, Steven Clark wrote:

> How many of those people are paying more attention to the call than the car?

I wonder if we should be thinking of banning pilots using radio in aeroplanes?

In Canberra the taxis all have a text based radio system and they are constantly pressing buttons on them and reading the results.  How safe is that then?

On 2011/Feb/07, at 3:00 PM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> I also think GPS systems are a distraction and should be banned from 
> the front area of a car. (don't throw things at me)

Yeah and maps too.  Maps and street directories are even more dangerous.  They should be banned from cars completely.  Even touching a street directory while driving should be an offence.  

I wonder how many car accidents are really caused by all this stuff.  Are we seeing a sudden surge in city car accidents? 

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