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At 08:49 AM 8/02/2011, Kim Holburn wrote:
>If most fatal accidents were occurring on suburban streets rather 
>than on rural roads it might make sense as a safety measure.

We had a reduction in speed from 70 to 60 on a 4 lane, divided 
boulevard running through my estate because a child stupidly ran in 
front of a car after school in a non-school zone. Sadly, she died. It 
was an accident on all parts. There are no blind spots either, just 
one of those stupid things that happens.

Our local state mp sent a petition for people to sign to reduce the 
speed limit. It wasn't a survey, so those of us who disagreed with 
the change didn't get a voice. Since I do have an email relationship 
with him, I wrote and explained the difference and how he 
disenfranchised those who disagreed with the change. He acknowledged 
I was right, but by then it was too late. He couldn't back down, could he?

So now the limit is 60, people drive 65-70 and somewhat higher often. 
I have to take my foot off the accelerator and break going down our 
little hill to not go over. And guess what: motorcycle cops and other 
speed catchers to get people. I understand they want people to 
comply, but there is no reason for this low limit to begin with. And 
yet, there are hoons zooming round and round the round-about at the 
end of the same street in the middle of the night every weekend and 
they do nothing. And of course they haven't put in any crosswalks to 
avoid any future accidents of kids crossing over for a distance of 
1km between crossings. No warning signs about bus stops where anyone 
could be crossing and there are blind spots. Just a focus on 'speed'.

end my rave

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