[LINK] NBN to cost 24 times South Korea's faster network, says research body

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Thu Feb 10 22:27:54 AEDT 2011

On 10/02/2011 6:15 PM, Tom Worthington wrote:
> The cost of the NBN (about $43B over 8 years) should be seen in 
> perspective with other public expenditure. As an example Australian 
> public expenditure on education each year is 4.5% of GDP (from 
> "Education in Australia", OECD, 2008), or about $56B (based on the OECD 
> States Extract estimate of Australian GDP of $1,253,121.0 for 2009). If 
> the NBN achieved a 10% saving in the cost of education, this would pay 
> the entire capital cost of the network.
Or indeed in the persepective of other private expenditure. The Australian public
spent around $19B per year on gambling in 2008/09 alone* , or about 4 times the
annualized cost of the NBN.
The gambling expenditure of just the state of Victoria ($5.1B per year) would finance
the entire NBN build.
We could finance a fair chunk of the NBN by putting a collection bucket outside
Flemington and Randwick racecourses.

* Productivity Commission -


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