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Sun Feb 13 12:54:01 AEDT 2011

Kim Holburn wrote:

> You can't fill a room with live reproducing rats.  You probably can't even fill the floor of a room with live rats for any length of time and certainly not by expansion.  (You could take a large group of rats and put them in the room - ie concentrate them - but that's something else.
> There aren't three kinds of people.  (Watch out or I'll tell you my two kinds of people jokes.)

I like to go for David Suzuki's thought experiment with a test tube containing bacteria
and nutrient medium that double in population every minute. Then the room / floor and other
considerations are moot.

And remember, there are 10 kinds of people.

Jan mentioned points and lines being easy, with an analogy to data and spreadsheets.
THink of an RDB as a 3 dimensional spreadsheet, then it becomes easier to grasp.


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