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On 2011/Feb/13, at 2:27 PM, David Boxall wrote:

> On 13/02/2011 11:45 AM, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> ...
>> There aren't three kinds of people. ...
> Actually, there are 10: those who understand binary and the others.

There are two kinds of people, those who think there are two kinds of people and those who don't.

> And some who are extremely literal.

An astronomer, a physicist and a mathematician are on a train in Scotland. The astronomer looks out of the window, sees a black sheep standing in a field, and remarks, "How odd. Scottish sheep are black." "No, no, no!" says the physicist. "Only some Scottish sheep are black." The mathematician rolls his eyes at his companions' muddled thinking and says, "In Scotland, there is at least one sheep, at least one side of which looks black."

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