[LINK] Congestion (was Re: NBN to cost 24 times South Korea's faster network, says research body)

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> I don't know of any organisation - including government - that might
> looking to put together all the required head-end kit to put 
> together a FTV-only service for free that could be the 
> fibre-cable-equivalent of the digital radio transmissions.

Shame, because that is about the only way that Set-top boxes will
continue to sold... (mainly to the non-geek baby boomers).

In fact it has been claimed that the NBN will require around $200 per
month from every Australian to break even.

On that basis, NBN Co. should start negotiating for the purchase of
Foxtel, because from the consumers perspective, they don't "Care" what
the NBN "official" position is. If "the NBN will replace Foxtel" then
this is about the only way the majority of Australians will pay more
than $59.95 per month for their Internet connections.

The logic of this consumer spend capacity is not lost on those that
would oppose the NBN.

Communications and entertainment have become interwoven in the consumers

A whole generation has grown up on free.

Pontification in Canberra wont save the economy (long term). Action
The Government can say nice things now to placate the Media barons;
unfortunately, the long term extrapolation of such an action, equals a
Meh+ for the economy.

To survive and grow, our economy needs appropriate advertising in fron
of consumers at an approximate rate of seven advertisements per 60
minutes of entertainment. [Australians typically click one in seven
click-thru ads].

The NBN as a Wholesale backbone is Good.

The NBN as a FTA content Delivery method is Good.

The NBN as the vehicle to get Australia back on it's feet is possible
and plausible.

IF the visionaries in Canberra can only understand that the NBN needs
consumer acceptance NOT Legislation.

Horse + Water <=/=> profitable NBN.

NBN + FTA via Fibre Set-top box +content Delivery + Advertising @ max
seven adverts per hour = Profit.


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