[LINK] Virus downs NSW ambulance system

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Mon Feb 14 12:49:35 AEDT 2011


> The computer aided dispatch (CAD) system for ambulances has been down since Saturday afternoon, NSW Opposition Health Spokesperson Jillian Skinner told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.
> The ambulance service's computer dispatch system became infected by a virus at about 1pm on Saturday, forcing staff to shut it down and revert to co-ordinating the state's paramedics and ambulances via a manual paper-based system.
> The system failure means paramedics are resorting to handwritten notes and mobile phone calls to respond to emergencies, Skinner said.
> "There's been a complete failure of the computer aided dispatch system that allows ambulances to respond, sometimes to critically ill patients," Skinner said.
> "This could potentially cost lives."

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