[LINK] How Egypt Shut down the net

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> "How Mubarak shut down Egypt's internet
> James Glanz
> February 17, 2011
> The government's attack, in which it shut down its portals, achieved 
> a double knockout. It cut off Egypt from the outside world and left 
> its internal systems in a sort of comatose state: servers, cables and 
> fibre-optic lines were largely up and running but were too confused 
> or crippled to carry information save a dribble of local email 
> traffic and domestic websites whose internet circuitry somehow 
> remained accessible."
> New York Times

What a pile of Crud.

Egypt merely shutdown it's Government owned CDN Squid Cache through
which almost all traffic passed.

Non cached exceptions were the Stock exchange and a couple of other
strategic services and any service that had alternate redundant routing
in place like satelite up link capability or foreign IP number range.


> cables and fibre-optic lines...
> but were too confused or crippled to carry information...

What the hell is that ? Must be a new Technical term.

If this is the quality of Journalism that Rupert Murdoch says is
expensive and should be paid for then, hell, I might as well go back to
writing my crappy one man blog because I have never in my 52 years seen
cables and fibre optics that were too confused to carry information...

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